Last day of a really worthwhile sale at Jackson's

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Last day of a really worthwhile sale at Jackson's

Post by Andre Jute » Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:10 am

Last day of a really worthwhile sale at Jacksons, with free postage worldwide for brush purchases over £20, today, 27 November. Ends midnight, probably midnight London time.

As regulars know, I'm a big fan of Jackson's in London. But of all their stuff, I'm the biggest fan of their brushes, which they get made by the best brush makers in the world, and then sell an attractive bit cheaper for what is precisely the prestige item. Of course, the best brushes are still expensive, but Jackson's hold half price sales every now and again, and then I stock up. There's such a sale on presently, ending as described tonight, which includes particularly attractive brushes of which I already have ten or so, and of which I've ordered all the biggest ones -- at half price.

This link takes you to the complete sale in case you don't want brushes: ... 6T,1VW2P,1

BTW, something else attractive on that page is the 3-quid Conte pocket sketching kit which is six Conte sketching Carres in a really useful tin box. ... 4-99-now-3
I've made mine into a full-spectrum kit by throwing out the retaining foam and adding a few carres; I'll describe some other time which new carres I chose to include and why.

Now the brushes I've had such good experience of. They're sable and synthetic mix, called Icon, and normally they're pretty pricey for the bigger sizes but here they're on sale at half price: ... on+brushes
They're very smooth and soft, but a bit more controllable than pure Kolinsky or Red sable. At half price these are fantastic value and in addition, if you buy STG20 of only brushes, Jackson's send them postfree anywhere in the world.

As an aside: Almost all my flat brushes over 1-1/4in and up to 3in come from the Icon range too, because you just can't abuse them to death: they insist on keeping their shape and working and working and working -- and at the sale where I bought mine several years ago they were cheaper than plain old orange nylon from, say, Da Vinci (and much nicer to work with too).

If you want to see what such brushes are worth under the own brand of the manufacturer who very likely made them for Jackson's, try looking here: ... able-blend
(Rosemary & Co make super brushes -- I have several from them, and they are very pleasing, but they'd better be because they're pricey under the Rosemary brand once you've paid postage. But I'm in the process of making up an order to Rosemary -- there's just something about her brushes...)

There are also pure sable brushes on sale at Jackson's, and I have some of all the series of sable on sale, and they're all good, especially the Kolinsky 920-921 series but I'm not so sure the substantial price premium of the 920-921 over the outstanding Series 1205 (below) is justified. Here are all the Jackson's pure sables on sale: ... le+brushes

If you want to buy sables, pay particular attention to the Series 1205, which is an Escoda Reserva (i.e. Escoda's best, which makes it the first or second best in the world, the other really aspirational brand being Da Vinci) labeled for Jackson's. Series 1205 on sale: ... shes-1205/
STG28 is a stunning price for a superior size 12 Kolinsky sable. I use the Jackson Series 1205 sable rounds and liners up to the round size 12 and over that I use Da Vinci's Artissimo sable quills to around equivalent size 30, and then Da Vinci Mix-B to equivalent size 50. The reason I also have mixed sable/synthetic brushes as well is that I don't like using delicate sables on rough paper, and I'm keen on rough paper for bigger images, and the mixed brushes do particularly well on rough paper. Presumably a lot of their pleasing handling and longevity is down to the treatment of the included synthetic fibres.

Good luck in making the deadline!
Andre Jute

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