Music and Maurice

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Music and Maurice

Post by Andre Jute » Sat Sep 21, 2019 3:27 pm

Superb article by Daniel Ross Goodman about Maurice Sendak's work for the opera and his relation to music, quite literally how he sought a particular sound to draw to. ... n-library/ Even if you don't read it all, check out the rarely seen illustrations. Here's a sample:

Design for show scrim (The Magic Flute), 1979-1980, by Maurice Sendak (1928-2012). Watercolor and graphite pencil on paper on board. (© The Maurice Sendak Foundation. The Morgan Library & Museum, Bequest of Maurice Sendak, 2013.104:120. Photography by Janny Chiu.) (Via National Review)

Do you have favourite music to listen to while you draw or paint?

Other illustrations show how much Sendak could do with gouache, which today is somewhat in disfavour compared to watercolour, but which is an inexpensive medium which can be more versatile than watercolour if you keep your head and remember gouache is merely more heavily pigmented watercolour with somewhat less of the binder (normally gum arabic).
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