Civil discourse - please read

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Civil discourse - please read

Post by mdmattin » Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:14 pm

The Sketching Forum has a long tradition of lively discussion conducted with respect and open mindedness. It did not seem necessary to lay down specific guidlelines for discourse because, for the most part, people conducted themselves just fine without them. However, it has become necessary to set some boundaries for the maintenance of civil dialog, and to assure members that they will not be subject to abuse.

Robust debate, lively criticism, even heated disputes, are welcome, and expected as part of any human community.

Bullying, threats, and personal attacks are not welcome, and subject to action by me as the site moderator.

I have no interest in censoring anyone's views or micromanaging discussions, but I will absolutey step in to put a stop to behavior that crosses the line. My responses may include warnings, deletion of posts, or outright banning of members, depending on the severity of the offense.

I believe we all share an interest in maintaining an online community that fosters free expression, and which welcomes new members. If you find yourself about to post a flaming response in the heat of the moment, please stop to consider its effect, not only on the recipient, but on all the readers who might be turned off by such invective.

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