Seeking several drawing artist from around the world

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Seeking several drawing artist from around the world

Post by IT Ink Denmark » Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:19 pm

Hello every body

My name is Kenneth Petersen and i'am from denmark.

I'am a 34 year old entrepreneur.

I have just started a company and it is call IT-Ink.

IT = Information Technology
Ink = for Creative. (It is her that you get into the picture)

You can se my site here

I work primary whit digital Work for companies.

i draw in Autodesk Revit, and it can draw builings, funiture ect. mostly more
straight lines.

I have an idea, where privat and companies can ordre a drawing, where they have the idea of the motiv.

I'am just started, and i can not promis that i will use you. I will look into all that are interesting, and pick some out. Everybody, will get an reply. Those that i those, will get on my webpage anonymous.

In this way i keep it simpel for my customer, and are not distracted by country, age, religion, gender ect, but only your skills

Then a costumer can see between different artist which style that have the best match for the final product.

If you are interested her is what you do.

Sent a mail to

By mail: If you can sent it (if you can sent a price to mail it, will it be great, but you don't have to)
Do you have the possability to scan picture and what is the biggeste size you can scan (Most printer can scan A4, but not all kan scan A3)

A picture of your drawing.
Size of drawing:
Price of drawing (whit the amount of detail you have sent to me)
A3 29,7 x 42 cm (11,7 x 16,5 in) = xx Euro
A4 21 x 29,7 (8,27 x 11,7 in) = xx Euro
A5 14,8 x 21 cm (5,83, x 8,27 in )= xx Euro
A6 10,5 x 14,8 cm (4,13, x 5,83 in )= xx Euro
A7 = 7,4 x 10,5 (2.8 x 9,13 in) = xx Euro

You can sent more pictures, if you have more then one style or depending if it is a portrait, logo, fantasy, landscape,
abstract ect, (New born Baby drawing is very popular in denmark )

You are welcome to write a little about you self, if you want.
Name, age, gender, work, for how long time you have made drawings

I look forward to hear from you.

Best regards Kenneth Petersen

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