The Sketching Forum 2005 - 2022

The Sketching Forum was started by Russ Stutler in 2005 after existing for a few years at a different address. It grew into a vibrant and much valued community, and featured a diverse mix of professionals and amateurs, working in a variety of styles under the loose rubric of "sketching." Besides showing their sketches, members exchanged information on materials, techniques, and life in general. 

 Unfortunately, by 2018, participation had dwindled considerably, and Russ decided to shut the site down. I was a member sketcher, and loath to see it go, attempted to keep the site going, taking on the role of Custodian and moving the site to a new URL.  However, the attrition continued to the point that the hosting and maintenance costs become unjustifiable, and in October 2022 I am allowing the site to expire. 

Matthew Mattingly